When you have the title to lose

Liverpool Football Club have achieved a level of comfort on the top of the table that I don't recall in my history with the club that goes back 18 years! It is ours to lose and we don't intend to lose it.

There used to be the feeling that we are becoming the Red-Sox of the Premier League, that we could try and try but that the premiership has passed us by. We don't have the budget of Manchester United, and we certainly don't have a sponsor as rich as Ettihad to buy us a whole array of players like Manchester City. Our stadium is still called Anfield, and it is not named after a rich gulf carrier like the Emirates or Ettihad. What we do have, however, is a comradeship and a global following the rivals the best of them.

This time last year, we were actually 7th on the tables and this year we are definitely playing it differently:

Last year seems so far back, but I recall wondering if playing the Europa League is achievable, now we are looking at not only a Champions League position, but we #daretodream, after 24-years of our last title, we are on the verge of something historic.

The information giant Bloomberg has us pegged at a 59.4% chance to win the title, and 100% chance to make it to the Champions League. It does make sense that we should be dreaming, and the only way we can make it work is to keep the current 10-wins-form running until the end of the season. The 27th of April is arguably the most important date for both us and Chelsea. 

When we play them in ten days time we will have to remind them that:

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