The Atlantic Interview

The unspeakable has happened, an interviewer went rouge and published a series of attacks by King Abdullah on so many fronts that for a few seconds, I checked to see if April's fools day came earlier this year.

The series of interviews published by The Atlantic have echoed through all the political scene in Jordan. His attacks have ranged from attacking his own family to attacking Assad, Erdogan and Morsi. He attacked his own GID better know as mokhabarat. He said they conspired to keep west bankers from being represented. He diverged to the loyal tribes of east bankers, the term dinosaur was used to refer to tribal elders and it already caused a mass wave of social media comedy and contention.

The most affluent and well-to-do were also served a dishing when he attacked residents of West-Amman -where he and I both live- and said they spread rumors to undermine him. The Muslim brotherhood was also in the cross-hairs, he even went as far as saying that he was for constitutional democracy, as long as didn't hand over power to people who will do the duty of swearing on the Quran but will internally have ulterior motives.

This argument is very disturbing because the westernized soldier-made-king believes that he can judge the intentions of the people and not their words and sayings. He was also worried about his blood pressure -ask Rania- when he keeps changing governments, it goes through the roof. Well, I have a solution, let the people decide and you can keep your blood pressure under check.

He managed to also give the population the recipe for change, he said Hashemites won't shoot their people and if half the population were to swarm to the streets, he would leave. I say someone pretty soon is going to call his bluff, but that's just me.

I believe the interviewer did a fine job of presenting an uncensored interview. He came later on record to tell us that he has tapes of all these instances and that the Royal Court can't just shrug off the interviews.

Thanks for giving me an interesting birthday!

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