The Recurrence

 This sight is familiar to me and many of my colleagues around the world. The moment before you leave the hotel is bittersweet to me, I enjoy exploring the world and I enjoy what little time I get to spend abroad.

I cherish the thought of going home to my wife and I usually can't wait to get there; a part of me still wants to prolong the stay or wish for a longer layover or vacation. Recently I have adopted a new ritual, as I end my travel I find my self  singing John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane". Tacky, I know!

This particular photo was taken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was on vacation there with my wife during our anniversary trip to the far-east. I took this picture because it seemed so surreal and yet at the same time so familiar. The room entrance with the closet on one side and the bathroom on the other, and then the room proper with a bureau on one side and the bed on the other. 

Variables include color schemes and materials, but the basic layout is the same. I have hundreds of moments where I woke up trying to remember where I was and on which side of the bed the master light switch was, even moments where I try to figure out what time is currently displayed on my phone and whether the phone switched to roaming time or maintained Amman time. 

Every recurrence of this scenario makes me more fond of my traveling and more fond of the career I chose for myself. 

Happy trails

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