Barcelona and Minorca vacation

In the fall of 2011, I had the opportunity to visit Gaudi's Magnum opus along with a number of his most prominent work (at least according to the guidebook we bought) that is scattered around barcelona. 

My wife and I originally planned to go relax on an island somewhere on the Mediterranean and while flying with a colleague of mine, who just happened to be Spanish he suggested that late-summer-to-early-fall is the best season to visit the Canary islands or the Balearic Islands, he owns a place in Tenerife and that made his advice that much more reliable. 

After some research we decided to go to Minorca. My airline, flies to Barcelona so I decided to connect to Minorca from there and we used Catalonia's -now defunct- Spanair to get there, and back to Barcelona. We couldn't just use Barcelona to connect and not see it. So five days in Minorca and two in Barcelona was decided on.

Barcelona's El Prat is a one of the best airports I have seen for connecting passengers, my wife compared the shopping area in the airport to Amman's biggest malls, and the airport fared very favorably.  For an airport that handles around 100,000 passengers a day, it was the epitome of design, facilities and services and it made for the best connection I ever had. I always have a hard time having a cigarette in airports.

El prat has an outdoor area in the middle of the the airport, you step out to an open area, have a cigarette in the open air and without getting suffocated. That definitely made my day. We then boarded an MD83 for the short flight to the beautiful Minorca Island. TBC...