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A week ago I was considering shutting this blog once and for all, mainly because I lacked the time and the energy, but before I took it down, I wanted to have one last look at it. I read this post from May 2008 which ended ominously:

People are almost fed-up, and if there isn't any immediate improvement, people will go to extremes. That includes a revival of an Islamic party, protests and public or mass strikes.

Please people wake up!!!
I was 23 when I wrote that and the only explanation to this perception was what I noticed on the streets daily. I like reading into people and while sometimes it is disillusioning, at others it can lead to very real perceptions.

I was not -or at least I like to think I wasn't- much more wise 3 years ago, but I had to explain to myself why I realized people would start protesting if the status quo remained. If for nothing else but my own sanity. The year 2008 was the effective end of the economic boom, the highest inflation I noticed on the streets that was not matched by any real growth.

The people, I always conclude, can accept a degradation in social rights and turn a blind eye if they wore busy building a future, they will forget a few freedoms -sic- in the interest of some economic growth. There will be a belief of "Safety and Security Requirements" if there was something that we needed to be safe and secure.

Baltasar Gracian once said: "Never contend with a man who has nothing to lose." That was what I anticipated in Jordan, I never would have guessed that the last straw would have been from Egypt or Tunisia but I knew the straws were piling up.

I hate to say it but people woke up, people took to the streets and thankfully decided on one common denominator, HM The King. I always agreed that his presence is a stabilizing factor but never would have guessed that people were constitutionally aware.

The past few years allowed me to meet with a number of individuals, but none more surprising than our elected officials. I asked a number of parliamentarians both in private and in public to tell me what they thought of our alleged constitutional monarchy, and all the MPs I have met insisted that the Prime Minister was to be chosen by a Royal Decree, a large percentage were of the opinion that Royal Decree are legally overpowering, and they could allow themselves to reject the composition of the cabinet but not the person chosen to lead the government.

It also was shocking to know how many MPs were running to be a "services" member, meaning they were intending to be on good terms with any government that comes to vote, for the sole purpose of providing services to their constituents and gain another term. They refuse to be in "the opposition."

I want to deal with the proposed amendments in a later post, if for no other reason than to write down for posterity what I believe, and to be able to come back and visit.

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