Life update!

For those of you who follow my blog, all 3 of you, I'm honestly announcing I'm back, there comes a point in everyone's life where you are just overwhelmed with your responsibilities, this point I believe has come and passed.

I was multi-tasking to an extent that bothered even me, a self-declared master of multi-tasking, I was juggling the following responsibilities:

  1. Getting engaged: While the notion itself is something I have aspired to for years, and having the girl of my dreams say "yes" seemed like something out of a fairytale, and while it seems it should be a no-brainer, it wasn't. I actively and consciously choose not to go to details, save to say that marriages in this part of the world is a complex ordeal that includes families and conditions, tact and diplomacy, and unhealthy dose of tradition and customs. That's just to get the families to meet and agree on our marriage.

    I am happy to say that as of March 5th 2010, the love of my life and I are officially engaged.

  2. Getting into RJ: A prerequisite of number 1 -for any sane person- is to be on a career path and the only viable career path for my ambitious mind is becoming a Royal Jordanian pilot.

    As of January 24th 2010, I am a pilot trainee for Royal Jordanian.

  3. Funding my Ambitions: unlike my friends out in the west, getting married means getting out of your parents home, getting your own apartment, furnishing it and paying for your wedding and honeymoon. Needless to say that it will be a costly affair, and a source of funding is required. Traditionally this requires family "input" but in my case it seems that it's a hybrid affair. I am laughing at my attempt not to divulge too much.

  4. Staying true to myself: I have always realized that being on a course to achieve lifelong dreams might side-track someone from honestly and truly living on a plan. Living a life that's worth looking back on fondly, and realizing dreams can be create a conflict at times.


Linking to my site

Since my effort of putting "Radi Radi" on my blog seemed to boost my search visibility, and since I am changing my facebook page and many other pages of mine now link to my website and since the sub-domain of this blog at blog.radiradi.info seems more popular than my main site at www.radiradi.info, I thought it wouldn't harm to link from here to there and wait for the google bot to skim through my site.

Btw, bing sucks, if you don't know what I mean search for "Radi Radi" and see what you get. You will not get this page or this page, instead you will get this page. Which is just stupid, because if I wanted to search for something else I wouldn't type it twice. Right?


The internet without multimedia

My laptop is busted, and I could fix it, but I won't. Instead I am trying to live with the internet, only without sound. It seemed quite simple at first.

Then it hit me straight in the face. My start page is Yahoo, and while I don't like it very much, I keep it, and then look for the positive of the experience. Yahoo news' small headlines that appear on the home page are the first thing that hit me in the face when I log on and recently, I am pissed, it appears cyber citizens of the world unanimously agreed that even online we won't read the news anymore and we will all start watching it.

Nobody invited me to that meeting. I fear the day when people will stop reading is close, really close. I fear that the arts of writing, reading, comprehension and correspondance are dying because of our addictiveness to new media.