Stuck in an option!?

There are times in my life when I see an option added to a service that I just can believe in, and then I tend to detour a few months later and try to get out of it, but some are harder to get out of than others.

My cell phone provider offered me a package that allows me to talk to 5 numbers as much as I want for 1 JOD (~1.40 USD) weekly. That sounds just fine, and I jumped at it and have been using it for countless weeks, until I realized my dilemma.

To benefit from this offer at a maximum, I have a few people in my life that whenever they call me, I will click cancel on my phone to give them a busy signal and then almost immediately call them back.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that the people I talk to differ from one week to the next, while I might be close to someone and talk to them constantly this week, things change and I end up not needing to talk to them for a couple of week.

I can't change the 5 numbers now because they all know the feature, and expect it from me whenever they call me, and if I did I would have to pay a premium to call them if they weren't on the list. I could also face them with the truth that they were downgraded on my friends list and deal with the awkwardness that will inevitably ensue.

Technology sucks big time!

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