"Radi Radi"

I have always had a love-hate relationship with my name, some found it amusing and presumed there has to be a must-hear story behind it, some found it distracting and decided to stick to calling me by my last name. It was easy to start hating it!

It was as easy to love my name, it's unique in more ways than one, and makes for an easy icebreaker when meeting someone new, and also a way to show a sense of humour through self-deprecation.

There was a point in time when typing "Radi" in a google or yahoo! search would lead you to radi.150m.com, radiradi.info or one version or another of my sites. I always had number 1 on that search reserved to me.

Now, I have to use "Radi Radi" with emphasis on the quotes in google.jo to get me as number 1! and it will lead you to my Facebook page, my blog... number 9

Same search in google.com (the real google as I am starting to think of it) will get my facebook page at number 2 but my blog, is nowhere to be seen!

Thanks google, now I have to ask my friends to link to this page to get my site back on top!


Stuck in an option!?

There are times in my life when I see an option added to a service that I just can believe in, and then I tend to detour a few months later and try to get out of it, but some are harder to get out of than others.

My cell phone provider offered me a package that allows me to talk to 5 numbers as much as I want for 1 JOD (~1.40 USD) weekly. That sounds just fine, and I jumped at it and have been using it for countless weeks, until I realized my dilemma.

To benefit from this offer at a maximum, I have a few people in my life that whenever they call me, I will click cancel on my phone to give them a busy signal and then almost immediately call them back.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that the people I talk to differ from one week to the next, while I might be close to someone and talk to them constantly this week, things change and I end up not needing to talk to them for a couple of week.

I can't change the 5 numbers now because they all know the feature, and expect it from me whenever they call me, and if I did I would have to pay a premium to call them if they weren't on the list. I could also face them with the truth that they were downgraded on my friends list and deal with the awkwardness that will inevitably ensue.

Technology sucks big time!