Jordan led the way

Al Arabiya News did a program a few minutes ago, suggesting that Sudan might be the solution to the price of grains, Jordan has been planting in (the?) Sudan for a few seasons now, but I don't want the people to forget what got us there in the first place.

The United States has been the breadbasket of the world world for the past 50 years at least and one season changed it all. The frost and deterioration of the weather plus the switch to corn (because of bush's ingenious bio-fuel initiative) almost destroyed the harvest of wheat, so lets not create another basket for us to put all our eggs in.

Sudan might be a smart idea, yet I want people (especially Americans and to a lesser extent Europeans) to understand that 271 Kilograms of corn can feed an average African kid for a year, while it can produce 17 Liters of bio-fuel.

The only way for an effective solution to the price of grains is for local subsidies for farmers and progressive plans that will allow the costs of farming to be diluted between farmers. Something like the good old days of socialism.

On another note, if the whole farmlands of the United States were farmed corn instead of wheat, the price of wheat would at least quadruple and would only suffice for 10% of the Americans' needs for fuel! So please stop buying ethanol and stuff like that, and think hydrogen, hybrid, electric or anything else for that matter.

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