Big boys and their expensive toys -part 2

Who hadn't wished to have a cloak of invisibility when reading or watching Harry Potter, some of us even fiddled with the ring around their fingers in hopes of imitating the hobbits of the Lord of the Rings.

It is not in the least bit surprising that these ideas are actually being implemented, although on lower scales than you would expect and for reasons far less noble and far more militant than the kids inside of us would like.

The kids of Britain and the United States have in fact thought about this, and they think that it is probable that they will have their own harry potter cloak soon. It is funny to note that they are actually arguing that basically "Mine is better than yours."

Check here, here, here and here to understand more

I personally wish for cap of invisibility like in kafroun.


Boys and their toys

I hope you understand that some parts of this are tounge-in-cheek commentary, that tries to focus on topics of importance to life.

It is my current belief that many of the people in the spotlight today are just big boys playing with big toys, I believe that they stem from psychological issues, such as over-compensation for tiny penile endowment, for troublesome withdrawal from toys or for simple need to get laid.

I do start off this series with an example of someone else who noticed, I am not alone in this, I do believe that this idea is out there, but hey, try me, then judge me.

If "I can guide a missile by satellite," then I do believe that it would be the ultimate toy!

I do ask that a more detailed and thorough check of male candidates takes place, it has to include the kinds of toys they were deprived of as young boys and to also include a check of whether or not he is a current collector of such toys in larger or more advanced versions.

If kid wanted to play cowboys and Indians, but always ended up with the Indians because he didn't have a colt, then maybe it's not wise to make him a president, "we must not fail to comprehend it's grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved, so is the very structure of our society... we must guard against the acquisition of unwanted toys whether sought or unsought by the kids-need-toys complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced toys exists." even Eisenhower agrees.

Maybe if we gave him the guns and sniper rifles in 2001, we could have saved lives, who knows! If anyone notices unprecedented growth in Crawford, Texas trees, then maybe it's because we know how to make fertilizer.