A state is born!

It was a rather notable experiment of international politics and international law today, the declaration of independence of Kosovo.

On March 28, 2004, columnist Georgie Anne Geyer quoted Richard Holbrooke as saying " 'The recognition of an independent Kosovo and eventual membership in the European Union would be the best way to bring permanent peace and stability to the Balkans.' The leadership in Belgrade 'should finally come to terms with the new reality and choose either Kosovo or the E.U.but if Serbia chooses Kosovo over the E.U., it will end up with neither."

That's like tellign a kid, you could choose to get get a candy or not, but if you choose to get a candy, I won't pay for it and i'll tell the shopkeeper not to give it to you!

Some countries will recognize it, let's start with the obvious list, USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany and most probably not Spain.

Well, read about that here.

I also predict that Muslim countries will unanimously recognize it, it's simple enough really, they don't think Albania is enough for Albanians, they think we should have another 100 Muslim countries, based solely on ethnicities and racist ideals.

I call today on The President of the United Stated and all his allies to acknowledge the movement towards seperation by Dearborn, Michigan. They are arabs and looking forward to forming their country. I guess!

But this indepenedence isn't like The Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, that Barlow drafted, it is effective and it will give the Kosovars a state. They will be prtoected and Russia will just have to deal with it, maybe by supporting Georgian seperatists.

I really do remember when I knew every country on the map! I also remmember one little thing about the USSR

ISRAEL RECOGNIZED EARLY BY RUSSIANS; Moscow Was Third to Greet New Nation -- Attitude Changed During 1949

So let's just piss them off and recognize Kosovo. Although my browser doesn't and keep throwing that squigly like below the word as I am typing "Kosovo". Well, Firefox, take a hint!!

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