Random acts of kindness

I pride myself of doing random acts of kindness, picking up litter, allowing people to overtake me or cross me while driving or even when walking, but not right now, I was proud that I left enough space in the airport parking for another car when I parked, but that didn't end well.

I had to use both spots to park, but I felt bad for taking two spots so I decided that I should only take one and therefore I parked accordingly. Unfortunately, i was boxed in by an inconsiderate driver who parked very close behind me, it took me an hour of negotiating with my car to try and get it out, and I couldn't.

Finally, the driver of that car decided to go home and let me leave as well.


Islam might mean Terrorism

Really, just ask Google, in google sets, it was terrifying to note that if you enter three words like "Islam, Muslim, Mohammed, Religion" it will give you a set with the next word being Terrorist as part of a set.

I mean come on, "Bus, Car,Automobile" will give you "Train, Boat, Airplane" which sounds reasonable. But the above mentioned example is horrendous, fix it google, lest you turnout as jyllandes posten