Lemme just say this.

I get annoyed when people try to adapt Islam to the current system of governance or economics. When people say Islam is a Democracy, I get pissed.

Islam is in my opinion a huge leap towards perfect government, it is by far the most difficult to apply, because it requires people to cooperate in everything from paying taxes and splitting up their money after death, to choices that people guard as too personal.

But it is not at all democratic. If all you choose to think about is who rules, then it is semi-democratic, but if you look at the overall principal, which is the people choosing the laws, making them and then revoking them, then Islam does not allow this.

Let us first look at the word "Democracy," the word "demos" is the first part of the word "demo-cracy", the second being "cratos," which means "power," that is "power of the people." In practice the latter was achieved by having each citizen represent ONLY himself. There were no representatives, senators, etc. The "trick" of representatives was contrived later by the Romans to marginalize the rabble, that is the "demos."

Islam does not want the people to choose for themselves, it has a set of laws already set up and doesn't recognize the role of people other than that of implementation.
θεοκρατία (theokratia) is what is Islam is, roughly meaning theocracy, which is the rule of God, not to be confused with the rhetoric of oppressive theocracy.

Tory democracy is
a political philosophy advocating preservation of established institutions and traditional principles combined with political democracy and a social and economic program designed to benefit the common man. This is closer to Islam.

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