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The way Jordan is sinking into Globalization, I have been trying to put of this post till later, till I have a solid argument, but today I took a trip to the so-called "people markets", I had enough time to go to different markets and I was appalled.

I am not going to write about the piles of rubbish and lack of sanitation, nor am I going to talk about the obvious lack of supervision, the government turns a blind eye and for different reasons I will too, for now!

I am going to talk however about a different phenomenon, when I looked at the people I could definitely sense the desperation, a civil-servant was pushing through the mini-crowd of old ladies and other men, to grab a tomato that appeared not too green. It had a hint of red, and he had to have it, I guess the "2allaya" was important to his kids who waited in the double-parked government car.

It reminded me of a conversation I had with a shop-keeper in the beginning of Ramadan, he clearly told me that he owns a farm, so he will start producing two tiers of produce, (excuse the redundancy but I am a bit aggravated) one will be for his shop, while the second -obviously lower- will be for the popular markets.

Now I am not naive, I heard tissue factory managers and antique dealers tell me the same stuff, but I want to draw attention to something, the alternative here was not placing them side by side, "it would scare people away if I did that", the alternative was "throwing it out, or maybe give it to some herdsman"

This is what is happening, animal stock are starving, no of course I am kidding although you could see where I came with that conclusion, the people are eating vegetable that used to be considered animal grade.

The prices are going down but for years the government thought the best way was to be punitive with such acts, no they are condoning it in the name of feeding the poor, while poor people have dignity and standards, they go right out of the window when you have proud fasting kids waiting to be fed.

I am not going to go into details about the horrible state of meat and chicken but I am sure you can draw conclusions from paralleling. I miss the days when price control and government salary made sure each hard working Jordanian had the ability to feed his children meat more than once a month.

I fear we are becoming like Egypt in the movies of the 80s and 90s

peace, out

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you but I can't help thinking that the people are allowing this to happen to them because they're not complaining enought about it