Bonus, stock options and others.

When someone the other day attacked my normal support for more socialistic ownership of production, I was shocked, not by the fact that he did, but because I know that this person is not an owner of anything.

I always knew it is easier to convince the have-nots than the haves about social programs and public welfare, I didn't expect that people have been so brainwashed recently that they believe that mere capitalism is what makes people happy. It is more surprising since capitalists don't believe it anymore.

Big Corporations offer people bonuses for a job well done, to implement the following ethos in the worker "What's good for the company is good for you." That's also why executives always get stock options, to give them a reason not to bail out on the company, their wallets are attached to it.

Corporations realized that they need to survive and grow more than they need to stick to capitalistic tendencies. Ownership to the workers makes more money to the invested capital, which is exactly what socialism is.

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