Understanding Power

I am really getting to understand why the New York Times called him "arguably the most important intellectual alive," he really has that thing about him, he keeps up with current events and knows how to link past, present and future, when you read what he writes, especially when it is a collection of speeches and talks, which are by definition easy to understand and entertaining if you are interested in the topic, I would dare say that I don't agree with everything he says, but then again I would have to have a second look before I claim something.

I bought this book, it does not seize to amaze me, I know many of the facts in the book but when he analyzes them, I literally stop and think, and I hope he reads this some day, till then, I would like to annoy any fans of his by saying this, I met him in York University, Canada and I actually conversed with him.

I will however write here anything that I want to disagree with this great mind, also, I now want a dozen more of his books.

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