Nice Draw

We could have had it worse, but we could have had it much better, but Liverpool with Besiktas, Porto and Marseille is not too bad, we can easily make if by nothing other than our home wins, beacuse THIS IS ANFIELD!


Free flight sim!

Flight simulator in google earth! That was my expression when I hear it but then I had to try it out, it does control nicely although the controls are counter-intuitive and therefore I blew up a few aircrafts trying.

I couldn't find info about it on the official site of google earth, but download version 4.2 and then try it out (ctrl-alt-a)

peace, out


Understanding Power

I am really getting to understand why the New York Times called him "arguably the most important intellectual alive," he really has that thing about him, he keeps up with current events and knows how to link past, present and future, when you read what he writes, especially when it is a collection of speeches and talks, which are by definition easy to understand and entertaining if you are interested in the topic, I would dare say that I don't agree with everything he says, but then again I would have to have a second look before I claim something.

I bought this book, it does not seize to amaze me, I know many of the facts in the book but when he analyzes them, I literally stop and think, and I hope he reads this some day, till then, I would like to annoy any fans of his by saying this, I met him in York University, Canada and I actually conversed with him.

I will however write here anything that I want to disagree with this great mind, also, I now want a dozen more of his books.


God's Warriors

I am not a person to be quickly hail a program or an investigative report, even if done by Christian Amanpour, but last night's God's Warriors promised a straight forward, fair and balanced journalism, tonight it will talk about Islamic God Warriors which if anything tells you that it shall be a fun-packed adventure.

I love it when people break the religion taboo and talk about it openly, but when she brought the segment about Jewish fanatics she explained AIPAC and their funding, which is a good step, to tell us that charities in the US are helping in building settlements that, even under US foreign policy, are illegal.

I wonder if I tried to register a charity in the US which supports the legal right of resisting occupation, would it go through as peacefully. I guess that is a challenge to lawyers right there.


Now that's not fair

I know some have seen the Chelsea match, Liverpool definitely deserves the two points that Styles awarded Chelsea with that bizarre penalty, he admits it was wrong but we don't get the points. What's the point!

I hate it when it happens because our first home match was difficult enough to have with Chelsea, but to rob us from a home win against chelsea is just too much, it was Torres' first goal with with us.

Anyways, I feel good about the coming season, because it seems we have all the roles filled with the right people and a few to spare.

You'll never walk alone


IAF pulls out, good riddance

I seriously believe that the previous municipal elections in Jordan were fair and honest, I looked at the process and I personally believe that it is extremely hard if not impossible to have dual registration or to manipulate the results, each candidate had an option to have a representative present in voting halls and the IAF did take that option.

Islamic Action Front has always accused the government of fraud in the elections while most of the other parties who had losing candidates maintained that the elections were fair, IAF, I believe, fell into the same trap most relegious movements fall inot, they believe that all of the people attending prayers in their mosques and who were helped to be registered by them, will eventually vote for them. Nothing is farther from the truth.

I admire many of the sheiks in mosques who go ahead and run for seats, they contribute alot to the welfare of the society, and provide seriously, whether in terms of morals and ideals or in term of social networking and social justice and honesty.

However, people are not going to automatically poll for such candidates in elections, some people prefer technocrats (as I do) while others simply have tribal loyalties, many others vote for the person who they think will be able to do personal favors for them, regardless of whether or not it will be beneficial to the district and country as a whole.

They lost fair and square, the sooner they will accept it, the sooner they can work to solve it for the parliamentary elections. Where I voted, there were two engineers running from the same clan, I ended up casting a vote for the one whom I thought was in it for the right reasons.

If the IAF would choose prominent members of clans who are well educated and can be considered technocrats, then it is easier for them to win sympathies of clans and people who look for the contentment of the country in services. However, if they continue to choose serious member of the Islamic movement who are educated in theocracy and theology then they will never reach the position of responsibility outside their own organizations.

P.S. I said they will claim fraud and cheat in this election almost a week ago, they did, no surprise.