Enjoy Jordan

I'm being sincere, I'm not playing a pun about the weather and I am not trying to convince you to leave Jordan, I really mean it. I went to Dana Nature Reserve last weekend and although the weather was aggravating and the sun roasting, it was a beautiful experience. We went on a four hour trail starting at 8 am from Dana village to Feynan Eco-Lodge.

I am going to Ajloun reserve next month and I strongly recommend the reserves to anyone who enjoys a bit of nature, adventure or both.

I will post some pictures soon, come back later


101 things to do before you die - 2

Be an Extra in a Film:

If your character had a name, what was it? no
What was the title of the film you were in? Betrayal! (documentary, i was in the Mordechai Vanunu one)
Did you have a speaking part? I guess, but the sound did not show up on film
Where did you see the film? still didn't see it. I will see it in august when Omyr brings it
If yes, write some of your lines? We want peace
How long did filming take? 2 mins
What was your total screen time? a few seconds
How did you get to be in the film? I looked middle-eastern enough, and the crew was looking around campus for that.
Which famous people did you meet on set? no one


Another Inch gone

This inch was much faster although I have changed nothing in my regimen, I think my body is getting sick of my continuous calorie watch and so decided to get there faster to help me out :)

It is fine by me and my waist is now at 43", I'm feeling rather excited.


Shrinking Waist

Finally I'm convinced I lost some fat, I weigh myself far too many times to believe that I lost weight. I am convinced now, because my waist is a size 44" and no longer a 45" which took alot of actual weightloss, and most importantly sticking to the 8 glasses of water a day.

I am feeling positive that I'm on the slow right track to losing fat.


Raje3 yet3amar

When I was a kid, we went to visit Lebanon, I was about 6 years old, which places it just a few months after the end of the civil war, civil strife had just ended and there was hope that could be felt. I remember one song particularly well, it spoke of rebuilding Lebanon and the days of joys to come, here is a version I found. That song struck well with me, when it spoke of the return of the Lebanese, as brethren and as equals who will join hand-in-hand to rekindle the joys of old Lebanon.

To be honest, I felt a sense of shame when I visited Lebanon then, I was ashamed that Lebanese and Palestinian factions where able to fight for years on end, to induce a death toll of 100,000 people amongst each other and more importantly that Palestinians have once again caused havoc in a host, sovereign country. I remember thinking it would take years to repair all those buildings, and a great amount of money, but that was before we heard of what Hariri was capable of doing.

I miss the feeling of comradeship I noticed then in Lebanon, after the Taif Agreement, Lebanese people my father spoke to were talking about "La ghaleb wala maghloob," which meant that now one won the civil war, but instead, they were equal as Lebanese. They all felt like they fought each other to the best of their capabilities, and that now they were willing to together to build a future for their children.

I wish that today it was this simple, but then again, it probably never was.


Oprah, the phenomena

If I was Oprah Winfrey, I would think a million times before I go anywhere, do anything and I would probably say nothing, but I am not and probably that's the reason I may never become her. It is said that the Oprah book club is an instant 1 million book sale and an instant climb to top position on sales lists.

Oprah recently had NIGHT BY ELIE WIESEL as a pick, it is a great story about a holocaust survivor, I have said and will continue to say, that there is damning evidence for the holocaust and that the horrendous number of lives that died in it should not be denied, I also maintain that there is -in any subject- open room for research. It does not mean, however that the story is over. Oprah -with her billion dollar name and her approach and credibility that politicians would kill for- is lending her name to a cause that is to say the least controversial.

She has accepted an invitation to visit Israel, and knowing the Israelis, I have many fears, Americans, I believe are misguided, when it comes to the Middle East, and to have Oprah endorse one side, would further distort such understanding, not to mention that it would lend support to occupiers, war crimes' perpetrators.

I hope she thought this through.