There are 12 ways to say sh

I was shocked that English is a hard language to pronounce, I thought it made sense with all it rules, but it turns out it doesn't.

ancient, sure, session, sheep, mansion, ocean, unctuous, chef, station, conscious, anxious and tissue all have an "sh" sound in them and it is ridiculous to think that "sh" can be spelled twelve different ways. ci, su, ssi, sh, si, ce, tu, ch, ti, sci, xi and ss respectively.

It is also ridiculous that vain, vein and vane are all pronounced the same way. That why I am having a hard time reading and pronouncing French, they have rules. I am used to finding the exceptions. I started hating the exceptions in the English language.

My every-8-day update, no loss of weight but it's okay since I ate alot of Junk.

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