Rumours - 2

I have heard rumors, I don't claim any of these to be true or actually credible, but I want my minuscule readership to hear what people try to sell to me. This is a series, I will post to it more often than other series I started, mainly because people talk alot.

- I heard that there is a ministerial shake-up, the Prime Minister is changing, Sharif Shaker is rumored, a big change of plans for the elections waiting to happen

IF this is true, it is not unexpected, I heard a speaker at the World Economic Forum say that "a certain Arab country which I will not name ... has minsters change every 8 months ... give them a chance"

I can't remember who he was but it was right before the Schwab final lines. I guess the gentleman was referring to Jordan, he was right, each Prime Minster has a specific agenda, when it is done, he leaves. I guess. I am not sure.

Parliamentary elections in the region are scary, Hamas in the P.A., the Musilm Brotherhood in Egypt and many other examples make it something to be watched for.

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