Everyone wants the premeirship

Liverpool is the club with the most premiership wins, but since Manchester United is set to win this year and reach 16 titles, just two behind Liverpool's record of 18, Liverpool should wake up and smell the heat.

Liverpool hasn't won a league since 1990, I was 5 then and I don't remmember it, but for more than selfish reasons they should start winning soon. Any follower this season can tell you we have a problem, we lost 9 away games this season, no one has lost more away games in the top half of the table, while we won 14 home games, which is a feat not beat by any except Man. U. We only lost 1 home match which is even better than Man U.

Man u managed to get 89 points while Liverpool got 68, we barely remained in third place, 21 points we were short of first place. That means we would have had to win 7 more games, we lost a total of 14.

Sometimes I feel that the premiership is more important than the Champions league. Remember when we won the champions league in Istanbul (against AC Milan) and ended up fifth, I wouldn't ever want to see the fifth rank again.

Last year we got third but we were 1 point away from Man U and 9 points from Chelsea, this year it is much worse, but on the good news, our final for the champions league (agianst AC Milan) is soon and we have a good chance to keep our name held high.

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