Weight Loss

I reached an all-time high on the scale the other day, now I won't tell you what I saw on it, but I want to follow a new approach to this whole thing, and I will add a note about its effectiveness every 8 days, I will be following the advices of Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, I will read their book and follow it through as much as I can, given the limitations of Jordan.

I also have a target goal to reach, lets just say it's 64 pounds away, which takes alot of determination.

The motivation came quite unexpectedly, an acquaintance of mine overheard me saying I was (my all-time low), he said "Yeah, I think I saw you then, didn't you go to that Palestinian Bar-Mitzvah."
I laughed so hard because I can take a joke, but I realized, I needed to control myself sooner rather than later.

Wish me luck

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Anonymous said...

I encourage you to lose some, probably alot of wieght buddy, I remember you teling me that back in the haydays you had one hell of a body with a six-pack 'not beer ofcourse, I meant the stomach', I'd love to see you back in shape bro. It's kind of confusing thought tha wih all the smoking you should be way skinnier.

you better commit yourself and try to lose those 68 pounds, otherwise you'll be in lots of trouble buddy, I mean heavy ones, hah.