Propaganda in Jordan

I am proud that I am a socialist, I believe in welfare systems, I believe in the good of the many, I believe in government-help, but most of all I believe that hard work should reward. I am not saying "Viva USSR", I believe in freedom and in political plurality and the multi-party system.

I believe the Human rights should include the right for free post-secondary education by merit, and the right to Universal Health care. I will elaborate later on the latter part, not only because it's a strong belief of mine but because it's essential in any society willing to take citizens seriously.

However my post today is about a TV ad I saw on Jordanian Television, it was put forward by the Ministry of Political Development, any visitor to the site can see the continued wariness of the ministry in tackling sensitive issues, they are constantly trying to project an image of a length of democracy while trying to avoid the history of the country.

The advertisement -which I don't recall word-for-word- went along those lines:
"Do you know that the first parliamentary government in Jordan was formed in 1956 by Suleiman Naboulsi"
While I do agree with the factually of the ad per se, but I don't agree that this is the kind of political development we should aim for. To the best of my ability I tried to translate a quote found in the Arabic part of the same ministry's site.

"In the year 1956 the first partisan-plurality parliamentary election was held, and the first parliamentary cabinet was formed, but this democratic experiment did not last long and stumbled for various internal and external reasons"
This ministry is clearly employing "propaganda" in order to market political development and to uphold a false image of continued democratic parliamentary governments. I should emphasize some things here, Naboulsi Government was the country's first attempt in democracy and probably the last true parliamentary government, it almost led to a coup against His Late Majesty King Hussein and it was lead by Naboulsi and Abu Nawar the King's Aide-de-Camp.

A definition I like
"Propaganda is often deliberately misleading, using logical fallacies, which, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid."

This ministry is trying to tell us that Jordan has a long history of democracy, but fails to tell us that it also suffered the most because of these "experiments" in democracy, Naboulsi was an opportunist and a communist who used the support of communism and of the late President Nasser of Egypt and his connection in the Quwatly regime in Syria to try and overthrow the Monarchy in Jordan.

Wise up, people, there are better exapmles to throw at the Jordanian public

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