Conscription in Jordan

I know that the government sent up legislation to the parliament and rumour has it that it will be passed unamended allowing the military to set their own terms.

I am ticked off at the government's decision of reinstating the subscription in the military and for more than personal reasons:

1- They intend to allow the military to conscript young men with no age limit and no TIME limit (back to the 2 year limit, which is just awful)
2- People will be paid little or close-to-no money to serve, which can put a huge strain on the struggling middle class of Jordan who expect their children to help with the income.
3-The allocation of resources for such a program will put another burden on the shoulder of tax-payers, while it is hardly needed.
4- There is no provision in the law that allows conscientious objectors to have an exception. I refuse to be forced to learn how to handle weaponry and to be forced to fire them.
5- This is almost like using slave labouring, I am a pilot and unless they can offer me a job in my field of choice, I will not succumb.

I do understand that the government plans to train them in vocational courses, but that hardly has to be mandatory, many will tell you that government supplied education in the schools is far below acceptable standards and I do not think they will be providing me the top training available which I have sacrified a whole lot to earn.

I think every Jordanian in a time of peace has the choice to not learn weaponry, to work for minimum at least wage and especially in government establishments, and to choose a work field. Basic human freedoms are being breached here.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights states clearly

Article 23.

(1) Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, ...

I would love to see the military officials in Jordan explain this, since they seem to be focusing on projecting it as no longer conscription but as "work training and assistance", albeit forced training and assistance.

On a different note, I am very happy to announce that I lost 14 pounds in the last eight days, which is some sort of record, at least for me, with this current rate, I will loose my target of 64 pounds in no time (which I highly doubt).

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