Couldn't watch, glad to have won

I didn't watch the Liverpool against PSV game but I did keep track of it online and I am glad we are almost guaranteed to reach the semi-finals. I think we might make it to the finals, but if we win that will make me too happy. Not because it is no. 6 or because it's something to brag about when we have no chance of winning the Premiership, but because the new American owner can realize he tapped into a gold mine.

Maybe then Liverpool will win the next Premiership with the right funding and the right facilities that they most definitely deserve. See the Premiership will prove that Liverpool never was a has-been but was only resting to allow the other to catch up and then go for another winning streak.

Basically what I am saying is, not only do we deserve it and are the most favoured for it, our time has come and our trophy cabinet is waiting.

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