101 things to do before you die - 1

I have purchased a book named "101 things to do before you die" and I strongly believe that at least 90 of those are worth doing, some of them do not agree with my relegious or social beliefs, some others are actually going to be impossible but we will deal with that when we get there.
Therefore I am introducing a new category, 101 Things To Do

I will write about each one of the tasks as I do it, or when I can find the appropriate information about doing it, the book has some question about each one that I will try to answer

First completed to-do item reported:
Go on a Demonstration

Date of Demonstration: 15/2/2003
Was there a march? Yes, from: Ryerson University to: Younge and Bloor intersection
How many people took part? approximately 80,000 people at least 2,000 were rallied by us at Ryerson
Did you have a Placard? Yes
What did it say? Not in our name.
Did you see yourself on the news: No, but I saw many of my friends on the News, I recall seeing Mohammed Abou-Sweid on TV leading with a megaphone, saying, "War, huh, Yeah, What is it good for"
Was it peaceful? Yes
Did the demonstration do any good? Yes, Canada did not go to war on Iraq which started out on my birthday
Did you have a badge? Yes, "Drop fees not Bombs"

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