Soon, I will be 22

While it is depressing to many to age, especially when losing your childish charms, and being judged more fiercely and critically. I think growing not only forces you to shape up and smart up, it also fuels you to keep count of achievements and disappointments, on a year-to-year bases.

I will be heading to Azraq now and will return to Amman late tomorrow, I will hopefully have some updates and pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Damn dude, who gives a damn if you're gonna be 22 "soon", you're saying it's like if the world is coming to an end, oh! you know what it's not a big freaking deal brother, and what's with all this info aboutch ya man, I thought that you were smarter than this, you know and I know that there's a lot of psychos "Mahalseen in arabic!" who can make your life even worse than it already is, I know that you're very smart but you're not smart enough to know who am I, are ya?
oh by the way congrats on the 115/120 that you got on your IBT TOEFL test and I'm even happier to hear about you passing the god damn DLR "Freaking german acronym for Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt "