Robert Fisk

The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest for the Middle East is the book I have been reading of late. If there is one book to explain the Middle East in an unbiased and precise manner, its this book, I have failed to find a unamusing page and will probably be referencing it many times.

Robert Fisk, the author has no need to be introduced to any serious reader of the Middle East coverage. For the less serious, here, here and here are good sources.

This youtube movie is a good watch for a lecture he did in Canada for those who wish not to read but to listen:

Yes, i do believe that we "the west" have a very heavy burden of responsibility towards the tragedy that has moved across the middle east ever since...

"..by the time I reached the end of the book, .... I was amazed at the restraint which the Muslim world have shown towards us in the west"

and talking of September 11th he said:

if you get a crime .. in any Canadian city the first thing the RCMP do is look for a motive, but when we try to look for a motive, in this international crime against humanity in Washington, Pennsylvania and New York, we were not allowed to look for a motive, wasn't this strange

also watch this.

A must read and a must watch, and for those who like to read in Arabic, an Arabic edition is coming up.

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