We had a couple of days of relaxation and enjoyment, it was very interesting, on the way to Azraq we passed by Qasir Al Kharanah or Kharanah Palace, which is a magnificent feat of early architecture, and to let people know, it is worth seeing:

Qusair Amra or Amra Palace, has the smaller scale version of the same purpose of such stopover stations but with much more inner art. Something definitely worth seeing

We stayed in this lodge where it was surprisingly accommodating and comfortable, it was both clean and well managed,

It used to be a British field hospital in the 1940s and still maintains the feel and look. The Air Force base is so close we actually got to see two F-5s taking off and then flying in what looked to me as loose formation.

The place lacks nothing in modernity with A/Cs and hot water, its more like a retreat than an expedition, but for the more urban dwellers it must feel like a total waste with no TV, but I was perfectly enjoying it.

When we arrived there and after taking our time we went to the Azraq castle, , now this is a castle born out of a Stronghold game, you could almost feel the ground trembling with passage of soldiers and horsemen.

We also went to the Azraq wetland reserve and rejoiced with bird watching and the more professional naturist amongst us got to participate in ringing migrating birds,

Even little Madian learned a lesson and got to release a few birds

Then for the more dry part of the trip,

at Shoumari reserve we got to see the Arabian Oryx and Ostriches and some Ibex in the wild, and then we also saw peacocks, deer and some assorted animals.

A great and fun trip and recommended for everyone, it has a bit to suit every taste also visit www.rscn.org.jo

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