51 years of Arab Army

51 years ago, today, King Hussein ordered the Arabisation of the Arab Legion, the name was also changed to the Arab Army, a name which until today we hold dear.

James Lunt's Hussein of Jordan:

"It has sometimes been claimed that Glubb's dismissal resulted from a conspiracy of young nationalistically minded Jordanian officers who were close to the King. This was not the case. ... the King alone decided to dismiss Glubb ... when the news reached Cairo it surprised Nasser just as much as everyone else."

So I don't believe His Late Majesty was afraid of a King Farouq fate, nor was he pressured by Nasser or anyone else. King Hussein was a genius, he had Glubb defending him in British press, against a which could have been the cause for him not receiving a pension, a gratuity or even further employement, King Hussein never forgot and later set the record straight.

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