Coalition Forces

I remember the day when "Coalition Forces" or the "Coalition of the Willing" was the official name for the troops in Iraq, now all the Bush calls them is "our troops", but its about time! For one, Soldiers should get credit for what they do, but also because the bottom 11 countries -in order of number of soldiers currently serving- in the coalition have contributed only 571!!!

That is absolutely ridiculuos, there are 16 countries which have pulled their troops, which amount to 7602, with the two coming from Iceland. I guess those two soldiers where in it for the adventure but then they got scared, it would have been too bad if one of them died, I would have had this post entitled "50% of Icelandic forces in Iraq killed with a single bullet".

The current 140,000 US troops are assisted by 983 in forces from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq which includes four countries and 14,986 from 24 countries and with the UK and North Korea contributing around 63% of those with 7,100 and 2,300 respectively.

Those are the only two countries that currently contribute more than 1,000 troops in the effort, with Slovenia sending only 4 as the lowest current contributor. Many of those countries send their troops as non-combatants, basically, de-mining, medics, transportation aid, and Engineers.

124 non-Anglo-American troops died and 132 died from the United Kingdom, the US has confirmed 3151 casualties to date. Around 301,000 soldiers participated in the Invasion and 250,000 of them from the United States, 45,000 from the UK and the rest are from Australia, Poland and Denmark. Thats 5 out of every 6 from the US and 0.9 out of 6 is British.

The Coalition of the Willing started with only 5 countries willing to invade and to think the second current contributor are Private Military Contractors (PMC), PMCs are essentially mercenaries but with companies to collect for them, they currently number 35,000.

The proper terming of this Coalition is the United-States-Mercenary-And-Rare-International-Noncombat-Effort (USMARINE), I guess thats why bush calls them "our troops".

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