Arabic stations translating

They are doing an extreme effort to have the same shows that ran in the US to run here less than 24 hours later, and having the subtitles on them, however I do believe channels like MBC should fire its entire translation staff, they are doing a lousy job.

I watched two hours of programming on each of MBC4 and MBC2 without sound, as for MBC4 programming, the stories were incoherent, the mistakes were enormous and they made absolutely no sense. It sounded as if the translators didn't actually read what they wrote. The movies on MBC2 had less mistakes but at one point a single mistake in the MALCOLM X movie had me baffled and I actually went on the Internet to pullout what was actually said.

It turns out a "not" was missing in the subtitles, I watched the movie on a rerun and obviously the same mistake was there and that mistake had the whole story taken askew, it was a crime of translation.

I will never in a million years watch a movie or a show on MBC networks with subtitles without understanding the language, I had to look for a bit but I found a caricature that MBC reminded me of, here it is.

Peace, out

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