Gonna getcha fixed baby

Finally, a car technician who knows, knows a lot and is HONEST! That surprised me, I was shocked when he didn't ask for any money for his initial inspection, found out what the problem was in less than two minutes and told me how to get the part I needed without telling me where to go or trying to sell it to me.

See, I have a talent for spotting a man who is trying to make money of my back, I usually allow it to go ahead under certain conditions. Let us say, I wanna get my oil changed (no pun intended) I usually go to a first gas station, ask him what he recommends for my boss's car ;) who doesn't care what he pays but wants what's best for the car, so I get honest immaterial opinions, then I go online, check his recommendations for credibility and knowledge, then I shop around for prices.

I had a problem with my gear shifting, my ratio of combustion and the starting of the engine, I had gone through many experienced mechanics who suggested that they are all caused by incomplete burning of the fuel so the logical fix is changing the spark plugs, I did that because I wanted to change as it was due time, but I knew well before that it wasn't the problem. Other analysis included gear box maintenance and fluids, spark wires, different Italian tune-ups and assorted techniques, and an exhaust repair.

As I said here this guy was my last resort, after which I was gonna go for the dealership, I knew what the problem was, but no one concurred and I wouldn't do it all on my own. I entered the final shop, and I told him what was happening, I could almost see a light bulb go on above his head, this guy, stepped in the car hit the gas pedal, heard the noise, opened the hood, unplugged a wire and told me to take it for a spin.

The spin was magical because not only did he figure out the problem but the car was taking to me again. It was saying "finally". I came back to him and I said "Air mass, ah?" he nodded and said "o ghayer filter il hawa" (change the air filter, too).

I asked how much and he said " just go buy the part, it's 150 JDs if its Bosch, but the original is 200, get it from Aqaba it will save you 80 JDs". I told him I will and I thanked him and told him I will come back, he said "Don't it's just a change of a small piece, not worth my time, any mechanic will do."

I thanked him again, though condescending he was right, I could do it at home, I plugged the thing back and was happy to realize that this is what they call "qualified".

The Air Mass as they call it in Jordan is actually a piece called the "Mass Air Flow" Sensor (MAF). The MAF is a key engine sensor that detects the volume of air being drawn into the engine. In older engines the pressure of the air in the inlet manifold was detected using a MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor, however with the development of these new, highly accurate MAF sensors, the engine management system can take advantage of a more accurate knowledge of the load of the engine. In the case of my car it also uses this data to decide upon the operation of the automatic gearbox: several owners have reported gear change problems and torque converter slip that we discovered was related to a dirty MAF and NOT a problem with the gearbox.

It is common of this car to have this problem and I am happy to report the Jordan still has some competent mechanics.

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