UEFA champions league draw tommorow

Tommorow, the day long awaited for by all Liverpool fans and all other clubs in the UEFA, the draw for the first knockout round in the UEFA Champions League, the draw will against from a team of the other groups' runner-ups.

Barcelona, Inter Milan, Roma, Real Madrid, Celtic, Porto and Lille are the possibilities for the team which will LFC will play next. Home and Away, that is. I hate this phase the most, because the teams are all of high standard, nothing liverpudlian of course, but still admirable. Then after we win, we still don't have a schedule to work with to guess who we will meet in the quarter-finals and semi-finals. That's not until the 9th of march, or three days after our second match.

In the draw I'd like us to meet:
Real Madrid rather than Barcelona
Roma rather than Inter Milan
Lille rather than Porto or Celtic

If we are to get one the later 4
Celtic or Porto rather than Barcelona or Inter Milan

Wish us luck

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