Only in Jordan!!!

I was shocked the other on some of the pricing schemes I found in some places. I always was a spontaneous guy who trusted the brains of other people. The other day I wasn't carrying alot of cash, I walked in to Safeway in Shmeisani to buy some razer-blades and some cigarettes. I was shocked at this:

the price of the 4-cartridge pack is 5.75 while the price of the 8-cartridge pack is 11.85, it was funny because I was intending to buy the 8-cartridge pack but then I ended up buying two 4-cartridge packs at 11.50

The cashier clerk told me that I would probably rather buying the 8 pack because I would save some pennies. I told him that for every penny he would save me, I would give him 10 times as much, and vise-versa. The guy practically ran to the shelves to find the deal for me and then he came back shocked but laughing, he knew that I was two steps ahead of him.

I had that happen at more than one store and with more than one product, but only in Jordan

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