Pride in being Jordanian

Every time I find one reason to regret staying in this country, I always tend to find ten more that make me proud of staying and belonging here. Today, I was tossed dry by my academy, of course I was pissed, but then I picked up my friend from her university and she "made" me listen to the song she wants played at her entrance to her wedding.

Although when I first came to Jordan around 7 years ago I had trouble understanding the local tongue, now I have not only mastered it but can also speak it with pride and switch it off and on like a light-bulb. I loved this song, for those of you with an objection to Arab sites lack of privacy policy, you can check listen to a sample of it at the band's own website, don't forget the main page

Tareq Al-Naser is the most talented Jordanian composer I have met or listened to, he has by far the best group of talents around him. He is yet to disappoint me with a piece of his. This song is so reminiscent of the good old days I hear people talking about, the accent the female voice Sahar Khalifa portrays is the of not only purity but genuinely nostalgic, it remind me of a friend I had who talked like that, it seemed like the most normal thing in the world, uncorrupted and so fitting.

This musician not only made me proud to be country-mates with him he also made me understand a lot of the beauty of our heritage and our past.

Great job

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Anonymous said...

radi its not MY FRIEND (its MY GIRLFRIEND!) and it not HER WEDDING (Its OUR WEDDING!)