Now I do have a reason to hate Bush

President Bush of the United States of America is visiting Amman today, he was scheduled to arrive at 11:45 am in Queen Alia International Airport (OJAQ/AMM) and therefore my scheduled takeoff of 10:50 was cancelled.

I never had any personal reason to hate him before, I mean he did many things I would rather not see the consequences for, the Amman Bombing that affected three hotel a little over a year ago, were a direct consequence of him invading Iraq, it affected tens of families, hundreds of people and millions empathized. Personally, I was sorry that that sort of thing happens in Amman, but I wasn't hating bush till today ;)

It's so aggravating watching the streets of Amman flooded with police and patrolling army units, it's also annoying thinking Jordan is in the middle of three very troubled countries and America and its policies are partially responsible.

Somehow, I still have hope that Jordanian wisdom and courage will rub off to the guests of our country and hopefully King Abdullah will be able, through his inherited Hashemite legacy, of making ends meet and drive this region to peace.

I was born with stories of war, Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese all had some sort of civil war and many were engulfed in it. Iraqis, Egyptians, Syrians and the above mentioned all had war with other countries or had resistances of some sort. When you think about it, in the past hundred years, there has been a war of some sort twice in each of the countries surrounding our beloved country, Jordan not excluded.

When will peace ever come, I understand international politics, I understand human greed, I understand expansionists. What I will never understand is death, we are dooming a whole generation to orphanhood, widowry (if that's a word) and emotional turmoil. I can't get over my father's death which occured more than 8 years ago of natural causes. How will there ever be peace if people die?

I don't think I will live to see the day when my kids will drive to Jerusalem in two hours and come back just in time to catch the bus ride to Baghdad where we will have dinner with our religious Jewish friends who will be calling on our Christian neighbour to stop barbecuing pork because our kids love the smell and can't understand the difference in religion.

I think freedom fighters everywhere have the right to fight, I also believe in human rights and most importantly children's rights. Until everyone can feel inclined enough -by reasons of rights and freedoms- to have peace because he sees no point in war, I don't think we will be able to drop the notion of "kill or be killed"

This might be a first for me,

حمى الله الأردن وشعبه الغالي وأعطى كل ذي حق حقه

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