No work gets done in the congress

The United States Congress has two parts: The Senate and The House of representatives.
For some reason -unbeknown to me- most Arab media calls the latter: the congress, but its not, its the house.

The house members are chosen every two years, the president every four and the senate every six. The recent elections on the 7th of November had a landslide victory for the democrats, now that is good news to me, a liberal of sorts. However, the president is still a republican but that's OK, people will have more fun watching news news of filibusters and stalls, maybe even a veto by the president, haven't seen that in a while!

How work gets done in congress is beyond me, if you have to run for re-election every two years and if you will have to start fund raising for your campaign a year before the actual race or election, then you have a year for listening to the people and then a year listening to companies who support your campaign. It's simple really, you spend half your time telling people you "take the American dream back from corporate America" and then spend your other half telling lobbyist from the fourth branch of government in K street that "what is good for corporate America is good for America"

This is obviously a conflict of interest, so you have to find the companies that have similar interests to your constituents and vote for them if you are to have enough money to get people to keep you in Capitol Hill.

The senators face the same dilemma, while only a third of them go to election every two years, it still means that they have to support their party, I mean its just like Senator John McCain of Arizona who visited 21 states in the previous month, he has presidential ambitions but still, a month or two every two years is a lot to waist especially if the country has only a hundred of you.

Good thing a President can only run twice, we wouldn't want a guy like Clinton doing a third term even if the people like him, let's just give bush and his people a chance. No point restricting the incumbency of congressmen because they make the laws and amendments.

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