Thanks for the comments

I wasn't being very objective in my previous post, this blog has a wide readership in Canada and the US and also south-west Europe, I track people who link to me often (at least once a week) and I know how people conceive my blog.

Most of those people are friends, colleagues and adversaries, they seldom write any comments, they think I might mobilize against them on "go to the mattresses" as Mario Puzo so eloquently put it. I never nor will I ever do that, my previous site, radi.150m.com forwards here, I had alot of articles there, and I made some serious point. People in the west tend to follow up.

I made $25 this November from people clicking through adsense on my site. It shows how many people clicked through this site, I am guessing quite alot, I however do not like the idea that people don't comment on what I say, that's why I ask people to comment. Please do.

I thank everyone who posts and hope you like what you see here.

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