Cars in Jordan

I drive a Mercedes-Benz C200 and no I'm not a rich kid who had his daddy buy it for him, its mine, the thing I want to say is, owning a car in Jordan is hell, I only owned one for the past three months and I am suffering. I am glad you asked why. I went to top-notch Mercedes experts, all the mechanics with years of experience in Mercedes could not figure out my tiny problem.

1- no two mechanics would give you the same opinion on any one matter.
2- all mechanics are ready to go on a trial and error quest to fix your car.
3- all mechanics want to get a hint at your budget so they can squeeze it out of you.
4- they notice little mundane things about your car that I don't give a shit about. Like the colour of the wiring or the little extra features I have installed
5- even in parts which they get very little out of, they try to send you to their "friends" so you could get screwed over.
6- they never say "I don't know" or "get a second opinion", they are always sure.

I tried all the best known Mercedes mechanics and they have failed me, I only have one guy left to declare the mechanics of Jordan incompetent.

Lucky me, I saw this scene before and I didn't fall for it, the one thing I did change were spark plugs, those looked really bad and I still felt like an idiot for not shopping more to save 2 JDs. Well, I will save 2 JDs if am willing to spend 10 in gasoline for the car.

Which brings me to my second point, the government is making a living out of the poor peoples back, I mean people in Jordan are under-payed and overtaxed. I don't mind a 20% tax if I someone is making 50 thousand a year, I do mind people taxed and customed -I meant literally- if the money is barely covering their needs. Also, who do I go to if I see a government employee or office squandering away our money. Yes, face it, its the taxpayers money. Welcome to the jungle.

Why does the government allow knockoffs if it warns people not to use them, and those people who line your brake pads with fiberglass, shouldn't they close their shops. Oh, wait, we have such high unemployment that we don't care as long as people make a living. Welcome to the Jungle.

The other day I got a parking ticket, it was in a shopping area in Amman, were they previously had a meter, just like the ones all around the world, only more high-tech because you could pay with the credit card or the pay-phone card. I loved it, so I bought a pay-phone card from that company.A week later, the company went out of business and they still owe me 3 JDs worth of parking. I told that to the police officer, I also told him that he should tear up the fine and let me park here for 10 hours, or pay me back the 3 JDs, needless to say, I went and payed the ticket yesterday.

P.S. I have a very good idea what my problem is, I found it on the Internet and a friend who owns a similar car and had the exact same problem, he went to the dealership and got it fixed but I am enjoying knowing why the dealership charges more.

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