Brave Young King

Most of the libraries in Jordan have little if no historical periodicals, I mean, Jordan University, the oldest in the land, was established in 1962, and with a mediocre start, you can't expect to find a 1958 article in there.

The Time magazine article, which came 6 years after the abdication of his father, King Talal, had the above-mentioned title, was first shown to me by a friend of mine, he had the magazine which he inherited from his grandfather's collection.

Fortunately our friends at Google helped me find it in their news archive. You can find it here, I am also trying to collect a repository of his late Majesty dealing with grave situations.

Just an example of his wisdom in navigating all the powers of the world, to keep his Kingdom alive. Plots always thickened against him and more often than not he was facing a joint effort against him.

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