Wikipedia on a roll

While I normally don't go around checking rankings of websites, I am however a fond searcher through google. Almost every non-trademark, non-commercialized word I searched for recently gave the same result in no.1 position:


Where of course ###### is the word or phrase I searched for. 95% of the time wikipedia is in the top 10 positions, which is something no one else can do. If wikipedia started using advertisements they will seriously make shit loads of money.
They are deeply principled and the generous donations of the good digital hearts will keep it running.

I started with wikipedia in 2002, where I edited thousand of faulty misconceptions about Jordan and the middle-east which were stated as facts, I thought it will be another hype and that people will soon forget it and pretend encyclopedia Britannica is the ultimate choice. I still rode along.

Luckily, wiki and open source have gained momentum recently, so much so that I would always look for the wikipedia entry for anything I was looking up. I am using openoffice.org for my office needs instead of Microsoft Office, and hopefully will soon land a very stable and easy to use Linux system that I can stick to.

I like it because it is cheap and easy, trust me, I temporarily gave up trying to push change on the world. But this entry can't harm, can it?

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