A smokers dilemma

well, you see my dilemma is this, in Ramadan I fasted, which meant I couldn't smoke till sunset obviously, which wasn't that bad, you start getting used to it by the end of Ramadan, but then comes this part that I noticed last night, my body was used to a certain thing.

The (1st) morning athan which announces you have roughly 10 minutes to stop smoking eating or drinking went off, so I subconsciously reached for my pack of cigarettes, took one out and started drawing breaths.

Then when I finished it I just didn't get any cravings for hours. Thing is, I looked at the ashtray, I noticed I already had a pack from sunrise to sunset. Which meant that I had my body used to having a pack in half a day, what will happen when I allow it to smoke for a full day.

I quit quitting so don't email me with that idea.

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