Now it's getting personal

A good computer citizen like me was chocked last week, when I discovered that Microsoft is spying on me. I downloaded (automatically, my computer that is) a tool designed my Microsoft to tell you if your copy is pirated or original, I know mine is original because I paid for it, but if it turned out to be not original, then nothing will change and I will use the pirated copy because I am not paying twice for something that I will only get once.

If I was a user who was tricked into believing he bought an original when he actually bought a copy, I will tell Microsoft who cheated me and they should make him buy me an original copy, no? You won't! Well, too bad billy boy, I thought you were smarter than that. Did I tell you that your people in Amman, Jordan won't give me a student discount, yeah, the same one you promised the world years ago.

This tool is called Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), it is supposedly designed to help Microsoft give better Windows experience to those who actually bought it. Well, my reply is: If you can do that we can do the following.

1-Remove WGA tool, it's my computer and I will do as I please, you can't do anything about it.

Fix it here
2-Switch to a different operating system, Linux comes to mind, its free, isn't it? beat that Mr. Gates
3-Get hold of better hackers, who will tell you my copy is original, it will still be illegal, but I don't think what you did was legal, when WGA was added to my computer.

Read the EULA (End-User License Agreement) here

I use a legitimate copy but I will not hesitate to challenge those monopolists every inch of the way.

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