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An LA Times article comparing the King to Shah Pahlavi of Iran before he was disposed was written at the beginning of this months

the article

It is interesting how people are ready to categorize anything said about a topic as either pro or con, and finding insult in it. The LA Times article I believe has many valid points, and says something that alot of people in Jordan are saying on daily bases which is:

1-When did we become so close to the Americans?
2-The poor are getting poorer, the rich are becoming not only filthy rich but they seem not to care whatever happens.
3-Talking about anything seams to be considered "unpatriotic"

I wouldn't go as far as saying we are ready for a Khomeini, but I wouldn't mind seeing more change especially in our monetary and economic policies.

That's not the point I wanted to state here, what I wanted to say is, when someone starts saying that the article has a point, he is labelled as "unpatriotic" or "Jordan hater" and if you think the article might be flawed or poorly written then you are regressive and narrow minded. Isn't the writer human? Doesn't he make mistakes? Isn't the government human? Do they not make mistakes?

Check out this site's comments section and you will see what I mean

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Try to think of this article as something a human wrote to make a living, he may have have hit the point or missed, but that's not a big deal, I guess Globb pasha was right, we do look for a way to find offence in everything anyone says.

A nation of half McCarthist and half free-wheelers, in that meaning of the word.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Radi;

Thanks for your assessment. You have created a very good blog and I wish you all the luck in developing and maintaining it. I never thought of myself as a McArthist but you know..I am thinking seriously about this description.