Happy Eid

Happy Eid everyone, but thats not why I am posting, I am sick and tired of being silent, the other day a friend of mine was shopping at a store in Mecca-Mall, I will not be saying the name of the place because they were helpful at the end.

In short, a rude female salesperson almost threwout my friend out of the store, treated her like she was a beggar and all she did was ask for help, thank God the manager was there and tried to ease it down, I thought that was part of her job, to help people!!

Terms like: "7urra" "Ma biddi" and even "3ama ye3meeki" were said by the saleswoman, but the manager followed my friend after she left, apologized, my friend demanded that if they were to keep our business, which was worthy, that either she apologized or got fired.

That store had an afiiliated store in the mall, were we were regular customers, i'm talking real regular. Thats when the manager remembered her and the money we pay (sad but true) and after talking to her (probably wouldn't apologize) he fired her.

My friend went back for the items she saw and the girl came back and wanted to pick a fight, "sho? jakara ya3ni?" she said, as if shopping at our favourite stores was suddenly a crime.

Anyway she went to the other store and they sent the pieces up, but that girl continued to be terminated, the manager explained that those are temps brought in to fill in the Eid season shopping. What I wanna know is, why do temps never have any manners?

I had this happen to me at a bank, a teller wont print out my statement, and she asked me to move away so that she would serve someone else. I usually just forget about it, but this time I refused, she called in security, who recognized me right away and refused to interfere (not having an ATM card helps), she left her desk and called in the manager, who also knew me.

She also got fired by the day end, I got my statement, its a piece of paper!! Its part of her job, and she has to do it. If you dont do your job you get fired!! Is it that hard ??

I hate seeing people getting fired, honestly, I do, but I hate to see them not helping me as required by ther job. A gas station, a hospital and a mobile company also had temps that won't do their jobs and just try to coast through till payday, I couldn't get those fired but they did shape up.

Shouldn't a company be responsible for its employees, even if they are temps ?? We hire temps all the time, but we follow a screening process that makes it worth it when we get no complaints. Shouldn't all companies do the same??

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