Ok, so everyone knows I am crazy about google. I use google desktop, GMail, Google Spreadsheets, Blogspot, Google Earth, Youtube, Picasa, Hello and anything Google I can get my hands on.

Although Youtube only joined the family last week, and picasa and hello a little while ago, Google's intentions are clear, all you need is a decent browser with a decent connection and you will forget about your hard-drive. About that browser, Google owns the domain name, Gbrowser.com, which makes their intention clearer, all you need is us.

The last time I used the search feature of my Windows, was last year, before I got Google desktop. Since then I search online for what I need, and if there are matches on my computer, it will tell me.

Since Google is entering the office application world with spreadsheet and word, I think in a year or so, I will switch to Linux, and using opensource and google, I will be free from anything Microsoft.

Till then, XP is a bliss.

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