Now it's getting personal

A good computer citizen like me was chocked last week, when I discovered that Microsoft is spying on me. I downloaded (automatically, my computer that is) a tool designed my Microsoft to tell you if your copy is pirated or original, I know mine is original because I paid for it, but if it turned out to be not original, then nothing will change and I will use the pirated copy because I am not paying twice for something that I will only get once.

If I was a user who was tricked into believing he bought an original when he actually bought a copy, I will tell Microsoft who cheated me and they should make him buy me an original copy, no? You won't! Well, too bad billy boy, I thought you were smarter than that. Did I tell you that your people in Amman, Jordan won't give me a student discount, yeah, the same one you promised the world years ago.

This tool is called Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), it is supposedly designed to help Microsoft give better Windows experience to those who actually bought it. Well, my reply is: If you can do that we can do the following.

1-Remove WGA tool, it's my computer and I will do as I please, you can't do anything about it.

Fix it here
2-Switch to a different operating system, Linux comes to mind, its free, isn't it? beat that Mr. Gates
3-Get hold of better hackers, who will tell you my copy is original, it will still be illegal, but I don't think what you did was legal, when WGA was added to my computer.

Read the EULA (End-User License Agreement) here

I use a legitimate copy but I will not hesitate to challenge those monopolists every inch of the way.


Which is which?

I know that time after 12:00 noon is pm and that after 12:00 midnight is am. But when you say to someone 12:00 am what does it mean?

Does the time go forward as: 12:00 am,12:01 am, 12:02 am, etc..
or Is it: 11:58 am, 11:59 am, 12:00am, etc..?

In other words: Is 12 am, noon or midnight?

Just wondering, I was also checking to see how many : I could use and still have five lines readable.


Happy Eid

Happy Eid everyone, but thats not why I am posting, I am sick and tired of being silent, the other day a friend of mine was shopping at a store in Mecca-Mall, I will not be saying the name of the place because they were helpful at the end.

In short, a rude female salesperson almost threwout my friend out of the store, treated her like she was a beggar and all she did was ask for help, thank God the manager was there and tried to ease it down, I thought that was part of her job, to help people!!

Terms like: "7urra" "Ma biddi" and even "3ama ye3meeki" were said by the saleswoman, but the manager followed my friend after she left, apologized, my friend demanded that if they were to keep our business, which was worthy, that either she apologized or got fired.

That store had an afiiliated store in the mall, were we were regular customers, i'm talking real regular. Thats when the manager remembered her and the money we pay (sad but true) and after talking to her (probably wouldn't apologize) he fired her.

My friend went back for the items she saw and the girl came back and wanted to pick a fight, "sho? jakara ya3ni?" she said, as if shopping at our favourite stores was suddenly a crime.

Anyway she went to the other store and they sent the pieces up, but that girl continued to be terminated, the manager explained that those are temps brought in to fill in the Eid season shopping. What I wanna know is, why do temps never have any manners?

I had this happen to me at a bank, a teller wont print out my statement, and she asked me to move away so that she would serve someone else. I usually just forget about it, but this time I refused, she called in security, who recognized me right away and refused to interfere (not having an ATM card helps), she left her desk and called in the manager, who also knew me.

She also got fired by the day end, I got my statement, its a piece of paper!! Its part of her job, and she has to do it. If you dont do your job you get fired!! Is it that hard ??

I hate seeing people getting fired, honestly, I do, but I hate to see them not helping me as required by ther job. A gas station, a hospital and a mobile company also had temps that won't do their jobs and just try to coast through till payday, I couldn't get those fired but they did shape up.

Shouldn't a company be responsible for its employees, even if they are temps ?? We hire temps all the time, but we follow a screening process that makes it worth it when we get no complaints. Shouldn't all companies do the same??


LA times article

An LA Times article comparing the King to Shah Pahlavi of Iran before he was disposed was written at the beginning of this months

the article

It is interesting how people are ready to categorize anything said about a topic as either pro or con, and finding insult in it. The LA Times article I believe has many valid points, and says something that alot of people in Jordan are saying on daily bases which is:

1-When did we become so close to the Americans?
2-The poor are getting poorer, the rich are becoming not only filthy rich but they seem not to care whatever happens.
3-Talking about anything seams to be considered "unpatriotic"

I wouldn't go as far as saying we are ready for a Khomeini, but I wouldn't mind seeing more change especially in our monetary and economic policies.

That's not the point I wanted to state here, what I wanted to say is, when someone starts saying that the article has a point, he is labelled as "unpatriotic" or "Jordan hater" and if you think the article might be flawed or poorly written then you are regressive and narrow minded. Isn't the writer human? Doesn't he make mistakes? Isn't the government human? Do they not make mistakes?

Check out this site's comments section and you will see what I mean

read the comments

Try to think of this article as something a human wrote to make a living, he may have have hit the point or missed, but that's not a big deal, I guess Globb pasha was right, we do look for a way to find offence in everything anyone says.

A nation of half McCarthist and half free-wheelers, in that meaning of the word.


A smokers dilemma

well, you see my dilemma is this, in Ramadan I fasted, which meant I couldn't smoke till sunset obviously, which wasn't that bad, you start getting used to it by the end of Ramadan, but then comes this part that I noticed last night, my body was used to a certain thing.

The (1st) morning athan which announces you have roughly 10 minutes to stop smoking eating or drinking went off, so I subconsciously reached for my pack of cigarettes, took one out and started drawing breaths.

Then when I finished it I just didn't get any cravings for hours. Thing is, I looked at the ashtray, I noticed I already had a pack from sunrise to sunset. Which meant that I had my body used to having a pack in half a day, what will happen when I allow it to smoke for a full day.

I quit quitting so don't email me with that idea.



Ok, so everyone knows I am crazy about google. I use google desktop, GMail, Google Spreadsheets, Blogspot, Google Earth, Youtube, Picasa, Hello and anything Google I can get my hands on.

Although Youtube only joined the family last week, and picasa and hello a little while ago, Google's intentions are clear, all you need is a decent browser with a decent connection and you will forget about your hard-drive. About that browser, Google owns the domain name, Gbrowser.com, which makes their intention clearer, all you need is us.

The last time I used the search feature of my Windows, was last year, before I got Google desktop. Since then I search online for what I need, and if there are matches on my computer, it will tell me.

Since Google is entering the office application world with spreadsheet and word, I think in a year or so, I will switch to Linux, and using opensource and google, I will be free from anything Microsoft.

Till then, XP is a bliss.


Stupid White Men

Since the title is in capitals I am presuming you will all know I am talking about the Michael Moore book, or rather all his filmography and his literary works. Although he has a way of making everything he writes or shows seem as irrefutable facts, I will admit to the many doubts i have. Still, I am yet to see a few people with legitimate claim or lawsuit against the guy.

You watch and you think, there must be something with this, but then you watch and you think, well, would all those rich stupid men let him say it if it wasn't true. Well, I don't know, but someday he will provoke someone and their jury pool and will find himself paying fines and stuff.

Till then, he better get loaded real quick so he can settle.
Good Luck


Wikipedia on a roll

While I normally don't go around checking rankings of websites, I am however a fond searcher through google. Almost every non-trademark, non-commercialized word I searched for recently gave the same result in no.1 position:


Where of course ###### is the word or phrase I searched for. 95% of the time wikipedia is in the top 10 positions, which is something no one else can do. If wikipedia started using advertisements they will seriously make shit loads of money.
They are deeply principled and the generous donations of the good digital hearts will keep it running.

I started with wikipedia in 2002, where I edited thousand of faulty misconceptions about Jordan and the middle-east which were stated as facts, I thought it will be another hype and that people will soon forget it and pretend encyclopedia Britannica is the ultimate choice. I still rode along.

Luckily, wiki and open source have gained momentum recently, so much so that I would always look for the wikipedia entry for anything I was looking up. I am using openoffice.org for my office needs instead of Microsoft Office, and hopefully will soon land a very stable and easy to use Linux system that I can stick to.

I like it because it is cheap and easy, trust me, I temporarily gave up trying to push change on the world. But this entry can't harm, can it?