A while ago I heard about the Debate between Intelligence Design (ID) and Evolution taught in school. I personally believe we shouldn't teach ID in school, that is for religious school and then let children believe what they may. I don't think people should read about religion in science classes.

http://www.venganza.org has a very interesting theory, hilarious as it may be I think if we give one belief system the right to be taught, then you should give the same right to all beliefs.

This thing may twist the tide on the school board election in Kansas

Well, Flying Spaghetti Monster uses (perhaps abuses) first amendment rights, I guess the forefathers should have been clear what a religion is. Lol, too late now. The self-proclaimed prophet is currently in the process of making FSM a bona fide religion, email [email protected] if you want to help.

To all my writer friends, sorry but the gospel was already written. :)

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