So Debra supports Ian in venturing in his own GNU/Linux program and what do they call it? Debian!! Well it is clear I I have been reading too many geek documents and surfing too many Linux site, I even learned alot of stuff. My next step was to go for it.

I wouldn't risk putting Debian on my newly formatted desktop, but my aging laptop sounded like a good idea. I mean what if I wasn't skilled wnough to use it, or what if I found out it isn't compatable with some of my hardware. Wwell, no matter the laptop is too old to handle anymore of me anyway.

I went ahead and downloaded the CD and then it hit me, the reason I picked the laptop was that the CD drive wasn't operable. I wanted to boot the program, from anewhere but it just won't happen.

till those people at debian find a way I can install without a floppy!!!! I mean how can you convince me it's going to be a good deal if it doesn't have a way to boot from another computer and do magic tricks (juggling is a minimum)

I think I need to sleep but I will update about my linux adventures.

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